About ExBORation

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We live in a society that treasures necessity. So many things we take for granted – hot water, constant electricity, and vanishing waste. All of these are a testament to the innovation of human engineering - a sort of structural melancholy that is often undermined by the association of words like waste and sewage. A society that remains functional as a result of an unseen world: the sewage pipes, storm drains, and utility tunnels that line our city streets, shrouded in darkness and well out of the minds of people who live their day to day lives without a thought of how our city functions.

This website is a means to bring the darkness of these underworlds into the light. Call it an appreciation for underground infrastructure; it is with these photographs that I aim to uncover the secrets of what makes our cities function. And while it is illegal, it is my belief that the end justifies the means. All photographs on this site were taken with a Canon 350D, and a 17-40mm F/4L. The nature of underground means most photos are lit artificially using my own lights.

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In a culture dominated by sleepy cities, vanishing points, and urban glow, this website knows its place. It would be fruitless to attempt the extremities and dedication as displayed by others, so this website merely acts as a gate into my perception.

My name is Bryan, and I live in Toronto. If for any reason you feel compelled to contact me, feel free to shoot an email to bryan (at) exboration.com


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